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Photo for: Deadline For Entries Extended Till February 28, 2019


Deadline For Entries Extended Till February 28, 2019


Enter your beer into 2019 London Beer Competition to get opinions by experts involved in direct commercial buying activities for selling beer to the consumers.

The clock is well and truly ticking for anyone looking to enter their beers into the 2019 London Beer Competition.


The London Beer Competition is back after the huge success of its inaugural year. The competition, due to its unique approach to judging the beer, has been recognized as a unique and ideal beer competition among all the other beer judging events.

All global beer competitions have been organized in the same way for years. Beer entered are simply tasted blind to judge the quality alone. The London Beer Competition has broken with the tradition. This event has a quite different approach to judge the beer . Apart from quality, the London Beer Competition also judges all the beer on their look and value for money. To be more precise, the London Beer Competition judges beer in the same way that consumers do.

The average customer always looks at the price first. Then they look at the label and pick out the beer with designs and stories that appeal to them. So these two things come before a beer producer even gets a chance to show how well the beer is.

This is what the London Beer Competition is all about. Beer entered will be judged on the three criteria:


We celebrate the beer that are both enjoyable and easy to drink, beer that are well-balanced where their acidity, tannins and alcohol levels all work seamlessly together.


What a beer brand looks like is how every consumer chooses their beer. Up to 70% of consumers would choose new beer just because it looks good. So, a well-designed packaging is a must-to-consider factor.


To be good beer, it is not necessary to have a higher or cheaper price. What affects most is the value for money a beer holds.

So, the medal-winning beer are the ones that,

      - Offer the best value for the price

      - Offer the best quality for their price

      - Stand out of the shelf against the competitors

      - Tell their story in the most relevant way

All beer in the London Beer Competition are judged by experts only, the experts involved in direct commercial buying activities for selling beer to the consumers. They are the professional beer buyer who selects beer every day to go on the shelves of the restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and beer stores.

Find out who were the judges in 2018’s London Beer Competition.

Scoring System

     - Quality: marked out of 50

     - Packaging: marked out of 25

     - Value: marked out of 25

To win medals, beer must score according to the following points:

     - Gold: 90 points or over

     - Silver: points between 76 to 89

     - Bronze: points between 65 to 75

Key dates

Submission Ends: February 28 2019

Warehouse Closes for Samples: 05 March 2019

Judging: March 21 & 22, 2019

Winners Announced: 30 April 2019


£115 - Regular (Till 28 February 2019)