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London Beer Competition Winners Announced!

05/04/2018 | London Beer Competition announces winners of 2018 contest. Black Gold, a stout from Basque Oak Brewery of Spain's Basque County took the only Gold Medal, leading a field of 21 other medal winners


London’s Best Places To Drink Beer

29/03/2018 | Over the past decade, dozens of breweries and innumerable pubs and bars have opened. Here are five pubs & bars to visit (from east to west) if you want to really understand London beer and brewing


How to brew perfect English pale ale

26/03/2018 | Will Hawkes, a Beer Journalist and judge at the London Beer Competition interviews Derek Prentice, brewing expert at Wimbledon Brewery to share his tips on how to brew a true, cask-conditioned English pale ale


How important is cold-chain refrigeration for breweries

22/03/2018 | BTN, organizers of London Beer Competition, talks with Andrew Morgan, founder of "The Bottle Shop" and the UK’s greatest advocate of cold-chain distribution, about cold-chain refrigeration, its need in UK market and its benefits to breweries.