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Key Deadlines and Pricing

Key Dates:

Early Bird Pricing Ends: 30 September 2019
Warehouse Closes For Samples: 06 March 2020
Judging: March 25, 2020
Winners Announced: 30 April 2020


£ 85 - From 01 August To 30 September 2019
£ 115 - From 01 October 2019 Onward

The London Beer Competition is being launched to identify and reward those brands and products that consumers actually want to buy, rather than simply recognize good quality beer for their beermaking ability alone.

To be a real success a beer brand has to be bought by consumers, be it on a supermarket shelf or a restaurant or bar's list. The London Beer Competition will single out and highlight the beer brands on sale in the UK and International markets that are truly commercially successful.