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The Judges

Adrian Oliver

Beer Sommelier

Adrian began his journey into the world of beer as an eighteen year old, living and working in the village pub ran by his father. Whilst taking on several different roles within the hospitality industry over the years, his passion for all things beer grew. He took every opportunity to expand his knowledge on the subject as well as learning the cellar craft of cask.

During this time, he worked with many different breweries to produce bespoke, small batch beers in cask and keg as well as organising and running beer festivals, tap takeovers and finding new and exciting items to stock exclusively in an ever expanding selection.

Outside of the pub world, Adrian has honed his palate and widened his appreciation of the glorious grog, through world travel - sampling arguably the best beers available, in as many styles and varieties as possible. In recent years he has turned his hand to brewing cider and distilling his own liqueurs from fruits he grows at home. As an accredited Beer Sommelier he loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for beer, especially promoting it to be paired with good food, knowing that the right match can lift the flavours of both to something greater. He loves beer, and he wants you to love it too.