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Pubs in Soho That Might Amaze You

There are many interesting places in Soho that you might want to visit with a beer bottle in hand. On the other hand, you can spend your day roaming the streets full of amazing pubs and bars.



London’s Best Places To Drink Beer

Over the past decade, dozens of breweries and innumerable pubs and bars have opened. Here are five pubs & bars to visit (from east to west) if you want to really understand London beer and brewing



The Best Places to Drink Beer in Manchester

Manchester is a great city for beer drinkers. There’s a perfect blend of traditional pubs, modern craft-beer bars, and places where excellent beer is just one element in a greater whole. It’s a city with something for every beer drinker, from casketeer to craft crusader.



Britain’s Most Fashionable Breweries

Some breweries are most fashionable than others. All of these breweries are serious about both quality and packaging, and most of them focus on modish styles, particularly New England IPA. Here is the list for you.

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