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Top 10 Belgian Beers to Drink in 2021

From Trappist ales to fruit beers, here are the top 10 award-winning Belgian beers that every beer enthusiast should try in 2021.

Belgium is famous for many things, and one of them is undoubtedly beer. With vast categories, Belgian beer includes pale lagers, amber ales, lambic beers, Flemish red ales, sour brown ales, strong ales, and stouts, among other styles. With so many alternatives, how can you choose what to drink? To help you narrow down your options, we asked a panel of beer experts, including bar owners and writers, to choose the top-scored Belgian beer brands from the recent winners at the London Beer Competition 2021.

Here is the list of top-rated Belgian beer brands to drink in 2021:

1. Tripel Karmeliet

Tripel Karmeliet

93 points

Tripel Karmeliet produced by Brouwerij Bosteels is made with a three-grain formula that was found in a Carmelite monastery in 1679. This traditional golden Belgian Tripel has a beautiful golden colour, a refined appearance, and a creamy white froth. The wheat provides crispness, while the oats provide a creamy texture.

Tripel Karmeliet has been voted the ‘Belgium’s Finest Beer’ along with a Gold Medal with an excellent score of 93 points. Below are the tasting notes given by our experts. 

Tasting notes: Refreshing and crisp. Lots of citrus zest flavours here with a nice nuttiness on the finish.

2. Science of Sour Ale Brewing-XII

Science of Sour Ale Brewing-XII

92 points

Science of Sour Ale Brewing-XII, another award-winning beer from Science of Sour Ale Brewing, was awarded a gold medal by our professional judges for its quality, value, and packaging with an impressive score of 92 points.

Tasting notes:  A fruity aroma leads into a blend of sweet, rich and earthy malts and tart, tangy fruit. This is a full-bodied and multi-layered beer. Sweetness giving way to sourness with wild berry flavours on the finish.

3. Martha Brown Eyes

Martha Brown Eyes

90 points

Produced by The Brew Society, Martha Brown Eyes has a warming fruity aromas of apple, candied pear, ripe strawberry, and cherries, with a slightly spicy note of anise, liquorice, and caramel. Inspired by the best beers from Belgian Trappist brewers, this dark black beer in quadruple style with a second fermentation in the bottle. A gentle and balanced bitterness runs into an intensely hot alcoholic finish, which is topped off with a thick head.

This award-winning beer which has a light brown dense foam head swept off a gold medal with a total score of 90 points. Further is the tasting notes.

Tasting notes: Chocolate flavours blend with sweet caramel. Aromas of roasted malt lead into a coating mouthfeel and flavours of dark fruit, subtle chocolate and ripe plums. A clean finish, and an enjoyable beer.

4. De Poes Bruin

De Poes Bruin by Brouwerij De Poes BVBA

89 points

Traditionally brewed by Brouwerij De Poes BVBA, De Poes Bruin is a Belgian Dark Strong. The beer is classified as a dark wheat beer since it is made up of half barley, half wheat, and a little number of oats. De Poes Bruin is a top-fermented Belgian beer made with Merkur, Brewers Gold, and Whitbread Golding hops produced on Belgian land.

Scoring 89 points, De Poes Bruin has picked up a silver medal for its excellent quality, value, and packaging. The experts defined this beer as below. 

Tasting notes: Chocolate flavours blend with sweet caramel. Aromas of roasted malt lead into a coating mouthfeel and flavours of dark fruit, subtle chocolate and ripe plums. A clean finish, and an enjoyable beer.

5. Viva Extra Brut Belgian Hybrid Brew

 Viva Extra Brut Belgian Hybrid Brew

89 points

Viva Extra Brut Belgian Hybrid Brew by Vivabrews is brewed with the quality of the centuries-old Belgian beer tradition. This is exemplified by our world-class brewmaster, who has invested more than 20 years of brewing expertise and love into this new brew for you. This was discovered among the greatest natural wine producers. We used their finest grapes and their unusual, unique wine yeasts to create Viva.

Our experts gave Viva Extra Brut Belgian Hybrid Brew a total score of 89 points, including a silver medal for its quality, value, and packaging.

Tasting notes: Rounded taste and great mouthfeel. The effervescence made it refreshing with all the bright citrus zest notes on the finish.

6. Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A.

Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A.

88 points

Brewed by Lowlander Botanical Beers, Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A. is a full-flavour non-alcoholic I.P.A.. They discovered this beer with a wonderful project run by a local organisation helping Sri Lankan wild elephants live in harmony with farmers by planting orange trees to protect them on our travels east to Sri Lanka, home of the mouthwatering delectable mango.

With an impressive score of 88 points, Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A. swept off a silver medal. Read below the tasting notes written by our experts.

Tasting notes: This beer has a delicate aroma of tropical fruit that is matched in the flavour. The carbonation is good, the body is smooth and the bitterness is perfectly in balance. Hints of mango and guava in the finish.

7. Santé Beer White

Santé Beer White

87 points

Sante Holy White brewed by Santé Beer is a beautiful Belgian white beer. The beer is 100% Belgian, with hops of Poperinge. The distinctive white beer notes of citrus and coriander greet your nose, and they are perfectly in keeping with the type. Grainy, flowery, fruity, and a little peppery, this beer is both thirst-quenching and delicious. Wheat exudes delightful fragrances reminiscent of freshly harvested grains and freshly baked bread. 

Our judges were thrilled by the beer, and it received a silver medal with an overall score of 87 points.

Tasting notes: Fruity and zesty sweet aroma. Initially, a sweet start then leading to a dry aftertaste. Spicy at first, but then lends to a more bitter chocolate flavour on the palate.

8. Lowlander 0.0% Wit

Lowlander 0.0% Wit

87 points

Lowlander 0.0% Wit brewed by Lowlander Botanical Beers, is a real 0.00 per cent witbier with a refreshing flavour. Inspired by our passion to double down on zero, the beer has refreshing & crisp with bursts of fruit & citrus flavours. They gather discarded oranges and lemons from bars and restaurants and utilise these botanicals to make our first 0.0 per cent beer in collaboration with PeelPioneers.

The beer received a silver medal after receiving 87 points for its quality, value, and packaging. The judges defined this beer as below.

Tasting notes: Strong citrus and lemon in the aroma. The mouthfeel is refreshing and crisp with a subtle malty sweetness coming through in the flavour alongside tart lemon peel. Great for a warm summer's day!

9. Martha Guilty Pleasure

Martha Guilty Pleasure

86 points

Martha Guilty Pleasure brewed by The Brew Society is a fruit beer. This is a top-fermented beer with a ruby red colour and a reddish pale foam, brewed with fresh cherries. This beer boasts a fresh marzipan smell and aroma, as well as an explosion of cherry and cherries. A refreshing and charming play of sweet and sour with a very subtle bitterness that balances the overall.

In terms of quality, price, and packaging, this fairly strong beer got a silver medal with an excellent score of 86 points.

Tasting notes: Cherry bomb aroma with notes of marzipan and toasted almonds on the nose. Rich and sweet on the palate. A perfectly tangy ripe cherry mouthful! Mouthwatering and refreshing.

10. O.J. Pink

O.J. Pink

85 points

Born and brewed in Belgium using the finest ingredients, O.J. Pink is brewed by Liquor Zaar B.V. The beer is a mixture of water, barley malt, maize, hops, sugar, and natural blackcurrant flavouring. The beer packaging comes in a premium black glass 330ml bottle in a sleek design carton with 4 x 6 packs. The award-winning beer won a silver medal with a total score of 85 points.

Tasting notes: Summer berry fruit with sweet cherry flavours on the palate. This beer has a nice tanginess that balances out the fruitier qualities.

Call for domestic and international submission is now open for London Beer Competition. Enter your beer before 31 August 2024 to get super early bird pricing. Register now and ship later to save.

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