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Breweries - Don't Forget To Keep In Touch With Your Customers


How breweries and beer brands can use digital media to keep in touch with their customers during the pandemic.

In the midst of the pandemic, breweries, pubs, and almost every other on-premise establishment is being shut down. Due to the social distancing and lockdown going around the country, the industry has seen a significant drop in on-premise sales - with beer taking a large hit in the UK.

However, off-premise sales are definitely shooting up since Boris Johnson announced that alcohol comes under essentials. Customers are stocking up from retailers, but right now, they’re kind of grabbing whatever they can get their hands on.

We know that you’re probably shut down, or you’re only in stores as of now - and you might not really have much to do. However, there’s one main thing that you do need to do at any point: keeping in touch with your customers.

Why is keeping in touch with customers important?

Let’s be honest, without your customers buying beer, your brand wouldn’t be able to grow. Right now, a lot of breweries might be shut down, and not everyone has a retail presence - so for those brands to sustain themselves, and make sure that their customers come back to them, you need to keep in touch with them.

Think about it this way, your brewery isn’t open right now, your customer isn’t able to get your beer. If they tend to forget about your brand, then you’ve lost sales right there. Therefore, it’s prime to keep in touch with your customers whether you’re selling or not, so that once everything is over, they remember you, your brand, and your beer.

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Now the question is, how are you going to keep in touch with your customers? At this time, there’s only one answer to that - digital media.

Why digital media?

Over the past few years, digital media has proven to be the strongest sources of marketing and communication. Social media has turned into a way of life for many, and without going through their social feeds at least once a day, people are not satisfied. Right now, taking the current situation of the Covid-19 outbreak, social media and digital platforms are the only means of communication for some.

People can’t meet each other, they can’t hang out, but what they can do is connect and talk on social media - and that is what people are doing right now. So during this time, as a brewery or a beer brand, you need to make the most out of it.

Here are a few effective ways in which you can keep in touch with your customers during this time.

  1. Keep yourself active on social media

Just because things are tough around the world right now doesn’t mean you go AWOL as a brand. In fact, if you do go AWOL, then there’s a high chance of your customers forgetting you. Instead, use your platform for good and stay active. Let your customers know that you’re still here, that as a brand, you’re dealing with the same hard times as them. Let them know what is happening around your company, let them know the latest news. Make sure that you’re there for them to see when they open up instagram, or twitter, or facebook. Your brand shouldn’t be forgotten in a customer’s eyes, and for that you need to remain active on social media throughout.

  1. Engage with your audience

Being active on social media is one thing, but that isn’t going to help if you don’t engage with your audience. Customers look towards brands who tend to talk to them, who tend to take them under consideration, and those who make their customers matter. The simplest ways in which you can do this is by engaging with your audience on social media.

  • Tell them your brand’s story

  • Ask them what they want to see

  • Tell them what’s going on with your company right now

  • Talk about your new products if any

  • Talk about what you’re going to be doing next

  • Ask them what they want to see next from you

These things will help you in showing your customers that they are a part of your journey, and that as a brand you care about them. This is what will keep them coming back for more.

  1. Send regular newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to connect with your audience. They’re a great way to keep them updated and give them information, or just share a story. The best part about newsletters is that they are made to be exclusive. What this means is that if your customers are subscribed to your newsletter, then they want to see something different and know something different. So you have to do exactly that.

  • When sending your newsletter, add a little promo code, or a secret code that only newsletter receivers can use. This will make them feel special, and will increase traction towards you.

  • Educate them about your brand. You can pick a beer and talk all about it, and then offer a free sample to your customers the next time they visit. Or if you’re delivering, then you can offer a free sample in the delivery as well.

  • Give them exclusive content. Tell them something that others might not know about your brand. Is there a release date coming close? Let your newsletter gang know first. Let them feel that they are a part of your brand, which will incline them towards you.

  1. Ask for feedback

Once again, it all boils down to giving your customers what you want. When you ask them for feedback, they will know that you care about their likes and dislikes. This way, when they see you making changes according to their feedback, it will build the customer’s trust and confidence in you as a brand.

  1. Create an online tasting/event

Online events are huge right now. With taprooms and tasting rooms closed, breweries are going virtual to show their customers the behind the scenes of things - and that is exactly what you should do as well. Hold a virtual tasting for your customers where you taste your beer, tell them how it tastes, how to drink it, what to drink it with.

You can also hold an online beer hour, where your brewers will engage in a live segment with customers, and customers can ask questions - and brewers can answer. When customers know you’re being transparent, they’re more likely to come towards you.

A lot of brands are also creating online competitions, which you can do as well. Whoever might have your beer at home, tell them to gather around in a Zoom meeting, or a live on Facebook and Instagram, and you can all drink together - and maybe see who drinks the fastest? That’s just one idea, there are a plethora of things you can do for online events.

All in all, your customers matter the most - and during this time, it’s important to stay in touch with them so you don’t lose them.

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