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Exploring the Role of the London Brewers Alliance in the UK Beer Scene

Explore London Brewers Alliance's role in UK beer growth with Gawain Cox. Learn how LBA fosters innovation, assists emerging breweries, and addresses industry challenges.

Quick Q&A with Gawain Cox - Chair of the Board at LBA

Can you tell us about the history and mission of the London Brewers Alliance, and how it is supporting the beer industry in London and beyond?

The London Brewers Alliance (LBA), founded in 2010, has grown from a small coalition of pioneering breweries to a vibrant collective of over 100 breweries within 10 years.

Our mission is to promote and support the brewing industry in London by facilitating collaborations, providing educational opportunities, and advocating for our members' interests.

Our regular members' meetings and beer festivals not only bring our members together but also create a platform for us to share knowledge, and ideas, and celebrate our collective achievements.

One of the initiatives I am particularly proud of is our recently announced Mentorship Scheme, which will be launched later in 2023. This program aims to foster diversity and inclusion within the brewing industry. It's open to all staff of LBA member breweries, providing junior brewery staff with opportunities to learn from experienced professionals. We're specifically focusing on less-represented groups within the brewing industry, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals, but all are welcome to join.

Image Source: London Brewers Alliance

The LBA Mentorship Scheme is designed to break down barriers to advancement and create a more diverse and inclusive industry. It's an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge within our industry, learn from one another, and create a network of support that extends beyond the brewery walls.

How does the London Brewers Alliance support the growth and development of new and emerging breweries in the UK, and what resources are available to them?

The LBA plays a vital role in nurturing new and emerging breweries in London. We offer support and resources in several key areas to assist in their growth and development.

Knowledge Sharing: One of the central tenets of the LBA is the fostering of a community spirit. We provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices. We encourage experienced breweries to share their insights with new members, while also enabling newer breweries to bring fresh perspectives.

Mentorship Scheme: Recently, we announced a new mentorship scheme is in development (detailed above)

Networking Opportunities: Through regular meetings, events, and festivals, we offer our members plenty of chances to meet, learn from each other, and even collaborate on projects. These events can be crucial for new breweries looking to make connections within the industry.

Image Source: London Brewers Alliance

Educational Resources: We provide our members with resources and many training opportunities to help them navigate the many challenges of running a brewery. This includes access to information on brewing technology, regulatory compliance, marketing techniques, and business strategy.

Promotion: Lastly, being a member of the LBA allows new breweries to leverage the Alliance's reputation. We showcase our members at our beer festivals, on our website, and through various promotional activities. This can provide a significant boost to emerging breweries looking to establish their brand and reach a wider audience.

We are here to create a supportive and inclusive brewing community. We believe that every brewery, regardless of its size or how long it's been operating, brings something unique and valuable to our alliance and the wider brewing industry. It's this collective wisdom, creativity, and passion that make London's brewing scene one of the most exciting in the world.

Can you discuss any regulatory or legislative challenges facing the beer industry in the UK, and how the London Brewers Alliance is working to address these issues?

While the LBA does help signpost Breweries to suitable organizations to guide them with legislation, our organization is apolitical and doesn’t campaign or represent members in this respect. We leave that to the various nationwide organizations that have far greater resources and expertise in these matters.

Image Source: London Brewers Alliance

How does the London Brewers Alliance help its members navigate the complex distribution and retail landscape in the UK, and what partnerships have been established to facilitate this?

The London Brewers Alliance provides invaluable support to breweries navigating the distribution and retail landscape in the UK. While this is less complex than in the US market, the hardest areas for breweries to break through are into the tied pub chains. 

We offer guidance through our meetings and events, where experienced members share insights on distribution strategies. Our membership connects breweries to a network of industry professionals, facilitating introductions and offering opportunities to introduce their products to trade supporters. We've also established partnerships with various industry service providers, ensuring our members get their products to market more easily and cost-effectively.

We are dedicated to empowering our members through education. We provide resources and host workshops to explore different retail options available, including traditional routes and direct-to-consumer channels. 

We also support members by offering them opportunities to attend festivals and events where they may usually be overlooked by the organizers. This enables them to be seen amongst some of the major beer buyers in the UK and is an excellent opportunity to develop their trade network.

Image Source: London Brewers Alliance

Can you discuss any trends or changes in consumer demand for beer in the UK, and how the London Brewers Alliance is supporting its members to adapt to these shifts?

The UK beer landscape has been experiencing significant changes, with consumers becoming increasingly interested in craft and local beers. The demand for novel flavors, lower-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers, and sustainably-produced brews is on the rise. Moreover, there's a growing appreciation for breweries that have a story to tell and can demonstrate a clear commitment to their community and environment.

To help our members adapt to these trends, the London Brewers Alliance is actively encouraging and promoting innovation in brewing. We provide a platform for members to share their experiences, learn about emerging trends, and discuss best practices. We organize regular events that not only allow members to showcase their unique products but also serve as a learning opportunity on market trends.

Additionally, we are supporting our members in their sustainability efforts, recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship in brewing. This could be through resources and guidance on reducing water usage, CO2 recapture, sourcing ingredients locally, or sharing experiences on sustainable packaging options.

Image Source: Veolia Water Technologies

How does the London Brewers Alliance support innovation and experimentation in the brewing process, and what resources are available to its members to help them develop new products and flavors?

The LBA is a strong advocate for innovation and experimentation in brewing, understanding that these elements are key to a thriving and evolving beer industry.

One of the ways we support innovation is through our regular members' meetings and networking events, where brewers have the opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other, and get inspired. These events often feature presentations on a range of brewing-related topics, including new brewing techniques, trends in beer flavors, and updates on brewing technology. This collaborative learning environment fosters creativity and idea generation among our members.

We also provide resources in the form of partnerships with industry suppliers who can offer our members access to the latest ingredients and brewing equipment. This direct line to suppliers can facilitate the development of new products.

By hosting the annual LBA Beer Festival, we provide an excellent platform for our members to showcase their innovative products and receive feedback from a diverse and discerning audience. This interaction with beer enthusiasts and other brewers can lead to invaluable insights and spark further creativity.

Image Source: London Brewers Alliance Festival

Can you discuss any export opportunities for UK beer producers, and how the London Brewers Alliance is supporting its members to access these markets?

This is an area the LBA hasn’t previously been involved in. However, as a result of leaving the EU - the committee agreed earlier in 2023 to establish a sub-committee to work on export opportunities, better understand the new legislation, and support breweries in getting their beer out both to the EU and worldwide. This is a work in progress, but something we’re especially keen to develop.

Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations between the London Brewers Alliance and other industry stakeholders, such as suppliers, distributors, and retailers, and how these relationships benefit its members?

The LBA understands that building robust and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders across the beer industry is integral to supporting our members effectively. The partnerships we've cultivated span a wide range of industry sectors, from brewing ingredients and equipment suppliers to legal representation and quality assurance lab services. Our unique relationship with both the breweries and trade members has been established over many years and results in well-balanced member events where trade members and brewery staff come together to discuss industry issues and problem-solve together. 

All of our partnerships are designed to provide tangible benefits for our members, making it easier for them to create, distribute, and sell their beers. But beyond the practical advantages, these collaborations also serve to strengthen the broader beer ecosystem, supporting a healthy and vibrant beer industry that benefits everyone.

This interview is sponsored by the London Beer Competitions (LBC), with an aim to spotlight beer brands that resonate with consumers and hold clear market value for trade buyers.


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