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Photo for: What is The Ideal Beer Packaging?


What is The Ideal Beer Packaging?


Insights From Cheryl, at the London Beer Competition on What is The Ideal Beer Packaging?

LBC interviewed Cheryl, one of the judges at The London Beer Competition, What is The Ideal Beer Packaging at the 2018 London Beer Competition.

Cheryl: To me what makes good packaging is a clear simple design, clear and simple wordings, so the consumer actually understands what you are actually putting in your bottle and what you expect them to taste. And it should just grab the attention so it stands out. Don’t rely on cheap, rely on putting that effort in and putting a little bit of quality control, the same passion you put into your beer should be the same passion you put into your label.

Watch the full video about Cheryl Here.

About Cheryl Cade:

Cheryl is a beer sommelier and a beer writer. She also is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, beer judge, award-winning beer tour designer & founder of the ladies beer Coven. Cheryl is a lady who adores beer, food, and flavor, so anything for beer or food, she is available for a chat.

About London Beer Competition:

The London Beer Competition is an annual international Beer competition organized by Beverage Trade Network. It is the most relevant and one of its kind competitions that rates, reviews and awards beer based on quality, value for money and packaging.