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Photo for: Cheryl Cade – Member, Guild of Beer Writers


Cheryl Cade – Member, Guild of Beer Writers


In an exclusive interview with LBC, Cheryl talks about the current trends in beer and how a brewmaster should be.

Cheryl Cade is a beer sommelier and the member of the Guild of Beer Writers. She has appeared as a judge in a number of beer judging events. She is also an award-winning beer tour designer and the Founder of the Ladies Beer Coven. She spent a few minutes with the team of London Beer Competition to talk about the personal and professional traits of brewmaster, her choice in drinks, her preferences on beer over other drinks, and ongoings of the beer industry.

What according to you defines a brewmaster?

A brewmaster is a person who has a passion for the product that he /she is making and is willing to invest, time, knowledge and skill in that product. They are people who in their own way are willing to share that passion with others either through the making of a high-quality product but also are aware of the full retail chain. They know their ingredients and are willing to push the boundaries but can also brew a product consistently to the same high standards.

What do you prefer - Beers or Beer Cocktails and why?

With the range of beer styles out there and the range of ingredients used I must say that I do prefer beer to beer cocktails. When making beer cocktails I find that it works better if it is used as the mixer.

With over 100 different styles I a sure that it is possible now to find a beer that would mimic the cocktail just as well.

Why beer over any other drink (spirits, wine etc.)?

I do like, wine and other drinks but I prefer Beer because of the range of skills involved in producing the product. The dynamic sector with brewers pushing the boundaries. The fact that from just 4 main ingredients a brewer can create something so complex and diverse, yet they can then add something a little different to make something that makes takes your mind back to eating Christmas pudding by a fire.

The complexities in beer also mean that it is a perfect partner with food as well.

What according to you are the trends in beer these days?

The beer sector continues to be led by innovation and the demand for the ‘New’, there is still a desire for Sours and also for Barrel ageing.

Craft beer is still on the rise, but a number of brewers are looking back and some of the most recognised ‘Craft’ brewers are now starting to do cask beer. All that can be hoped with this, is that the retailer and public will see a levelling of the costs for both Keg & cask beers to the retailer and the producer.

I also have now started to see an increase in the recognition of beer and food in the sector.

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