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Photo for: Big Winners at the 2022 London Beer Competition


Big Winners at the 2022 London Beer Competition

As the registrations for the 2023 London Competitions open up, here’s a recap of our 2022 London Beer Competition Winners.

The London Beer Competition is a true celebration of all things wit and lagers around the world. The London Beer Competition looks to recognize, reward, and help promote beer brands that have successfully been created to identify with and target a specific beer drinker. For any beer brand to earn its place on a retailer’s shelf or a restaurant’s beer list — and then vitally stay there — they need to be marketable and consumer-driven and not just produced in the general hope it can find enough people willing to sell and buy it.

To be a London Beer Competition award winner, you will need to have a top-quality beer that offers both the trade and the consumer great value for money, and you will need to look good and truly stand out on the shelf and on the back bar. 

Any beer scoring over 90 points will be awarded a Gold Medal, 76 to 89 points will get a Silver Medal, and 65 to 75 receive a Bronze Medal. Gold Medal-winning beers will also be considered for special awards like Beer Of The Year, Brewery Of The Year, Best Beer By Country, Best Beer By Quality, Best Beer By Value, and Best Beer By Packaging.


Here are some big winners at the London Beer Competition:

Intuition by Attic Brew Co. and Attic Brew Co.

Intuition is Attic Brew Co.’s flagship beer. They were looking to produce a beer that had the flavor and body to compete with stronger beers and is yet rich and juicy. Flavors of pineapple and peaches enrich Intuition’s flavor profile and persona. The colorful packaging further enhances the experience of having this hazy beer. It has an ABV of  4.4%. Intuition is brewed in Stirchley, Birmingham.

It bagged the highest score of 95 points and bagged a Gold Medal. It also won Best In Show By Country,  Best Beer of The Year by Quality, Best Beer of The Year by Package. These wins across the three primary criteria of Quality, Packaging, and Price make Intuition an all-rounder. These big wins by Intuition also helped Attic Brew Co. bag the Brewery of the Year award. Signals by Attic Brew Co. bagged a Gold whereas Attic Helles bagged a Bronze at the 2022 London Beer Competition.

Pillars Hop Lager by Pillars Brewery

Pillars Hop Lager by Pillars Brewery is a combination of the UK’s two favourite beer styles: Pilsner and IPA. They decided to brew a craft beer that bridged the gap between pale ales and lagers, taking all the best bits of both. The tasting notes for Pillars Hop Lager read “Clean, refreshing body with floral, light lemon, grassy, alpine, crisp like mountain air notes on the nose. Decent citrus and clean notes on the palate with the bitterness of hops and the sweetness of biscuit to balance.” Pillars Hop Lager by Pillars Brewery won Best Beer of the Year by Value and a Gold Medal at the 2023 London Beer Competition.

The entries for the 2023 London Beer Competition are now open. Click here and register your beer today!

Call for domestic and international submission is now open for London Beer Competition. Enter your beer before 31 August 2024 to get super early bird pricing. Register now and ship later to save.

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