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Photo for: D'Oude Maalderij Wins Nine Medals At The London Beer Competition


D'Oude Maalderij Wins Nine Medals At The London Beer Competition


Jef Pirens shares about D'Oude Maalderij's win at the 2020 London Beer Competition.

Maximo beer received 82 points, good for a silver medal. Also received a silver medal: Stoffoasje and Qantelaar. Jef Pirens' brewery also scored some bronze medals. Such is the case for Farang, Optimo, Redenaar, and Deo DOM Brewery. Blackout, mindfucking blonde, also received a bronze medal. The house beer The Mash, from the restaurant of the same name at the brewery, also won bronze.

“It is the first time that I took part in a real 'beer competition',” says Jef Pirens. “Normally I am not keen to participate in competitions, as most of them are quite lavish in handing out prizes and usually comes with a high entry price per beer. I had a different feeling about this, still quite young, match. Your beers are individually tested against various criteria by a panel of tasters. The tasting only counts for 40 per cent of the points, the rest of the points goes to value (price/quality) and the packaging. In that respect, I think it is a fair competition and I am therefore pleasantly surprised that as a small brewery in Izegem I have won nine medals.”

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[Image: Jef Pirens,Source: D'Oude Maalderij]

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