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Photo for: Monty’s Brewery Among Those Awarded at a Beer Competition


Monty’s Brewery Among Those Awarded at a Beer Competition


Monty’s Brewery, a brewery from Wales among the elite winners at the prestigious London Beer Competition

Monty’s Brewery is based just a short distance from Montgomery, an ancient castle town, on the Powys - Shropshire border in Wales. The first seeds for Monty’s Brewery were sown in 2008 when owners Pam and Russ Honeyman pondered over the thought of starting their own brewery. Soon after, Pam Honeyman took off to Brewlab in Sunderland to learn more and returned with a plan. In January 2009, the first casks of Monty’s Brewery were produced.

At the 2018 London Beer Competition, Monty’s Brewery had one beer among the medal winners.

Monty's BreweryDark Secret- Monty’s Brewery brewed Dark Secret was awarded a bronze medal at the 2018 London Beer Competition with an overall score of 73 points. A rich, full-bodied oatmeal stout, Dark Secret has an alcohol content of 5.6%. The beer is full of chocolate and coffee flavours and is a dark beer. The beer is brewed with malted oats and barley and is a gluten free beer.

In just over a decade since their foundation, Monty’s Brewery has firmly established itself as the premier brewery from Mid Wales. The entire process right from production to bottling of the beers is done at their main production facility in Hen-domen. This allows Monty’s to have full control on the process and ensure quality maintenance of their award winning beers.

For any beer brand to earn it’s place on the retailer’s shelf or a restaurant’s beer list, it is important to ensure that the beers are marketable and consumer driven. The beers have to be such that they grab the spotlight and shine the brightest among the various beer brands available to the consumer. The London Beer Competition does exactly that for a beer brand. 

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