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Photo for: Recognition for WooHa Brewing Company’s WooHa Porter


Recognition for WooHa Brewing Company’s WooHa Porter


WooHa Porter from Scottish Brewery, WooHa Brewing Company won at the London Beer Competition

A brewery based in the wilds of Scotland, WooHa Brewing Company is dedicated towards making beers that people love and share with their friends. The beers are brewed using expertly blended malts, balanced flavours and the cold, clear Scottish water. The beers produced by WooHa Brewing Company are made using traditional methods with a twist.

WooHa Brewing CompanyOne of their beers, the WooHa Porter was awarded at the London Beer Competition. It was awarded a bronze medal with a score of 70 points. A real ale, the WooHa Porter contains rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. These flavours are wrapped in the mouth filling smokiness provided by the German Rauch malt. WooHa Porter is lightly hopped using Phoenix hops from UK and has a smooth aftertaste. The beer is as dark as the night.

The process of brewing at the WooHa Brewing Company is clearly defined in order to get the most out of all the components and stages. A tank stores all the hot water required for the brewing process and it gets transferred to the ‘Mash Tun’ where it gets mixed with the grain. This develops the Wort, that gets fermented into the beers of WooHa Brewing Company. After fermentation and a week or two of cold conditioning, the beer is transferred to the ‘Beer Tank’. From here, the bottling tank is fed.

All the beers of the WooHa Brewing Company are 100% natural and include no filtrations or isinglass. The beer contains appropriate level of carbonation and there is no room for fizz.


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