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Photo for: Stewart Brewing among the winners at a Beer Competition


Stewart Brewing among the winners at a Beer Competition


Stewart Brewing crafted beers win bronze medals at the London Beer Competition

Founded in 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart, Stewart Brewing has quickly established itself as one of Scotland’s most reputable and successful breweries. Over the years, they have continued with innovation and development, whilst upholding the ethos of Edinburgh’s brewing traditions. The brewery has also brought in their own experimental brew-it-yourself Craft Beer Kitchen.

Stewart BrewingAt the London Beer Competition, held in 2018, two of Stewart Brewings beers were among the winners. These two beers were:

Radical Road: This beer was awarded a bronze medal by the judges with an overall score of 74 points. The beer is a pale ale and pours golden with a white foam. It contains pale malts and wheat and its aroma is full of American hops, tonnes of pine, and grapefruit and citrus. The taste is medium bodied with long lasting, smooth bitterness. The triple hop brewing technique results in the waves of hop flavour.

First World Problems: This beer also scored 74 points and was awarded a bronze medal. The beer is an Indian Pale Ale containing malts like Pale Malt, Red Crystal Rye, and Oat Malt to name a few. At the nose it is intriguing blend of New World hops and fruity yeast esters. The taste is medium to light-bodied with an assertive bitterness.   

About the Competition

The London Beer Competition is an annual international beer competition that judges beers on three criteria's Quality, Value, and Packaging. The judges are among the top buyers, sommeliers and beer writers.

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