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Photo for: The 2022 London Beer Competition’s Deadline Is Almost Here


The 2022 London Beer Competition’s Deadline Is Almost Here


Bring your beer and brewery into the spotlight it deserves. Enrol your beer today!

We all love our chilled beers. Let’s face it, there are so many options in the market. There is a constant influx of new beers and consumers only have so many preferences. How does a beer then stand out to restaurants and consumers alike? Well, the London Beer Competition is here to make things easier.


The London Beer Competition looks to recognize, reward, and help promote beer brands that have successfully been created to identify with and target a specific beer drinker. For any beer brand to earn its place on a retailer’s shelf or a restaurant’s beer list -  and then vitally stay there - they need to be marketable and consumer-driven and not just produced in the general hope it can find enough people willing to sell and buy it. This unique competition strikes the right balance between brands that consumers really want to buy and have a clear market value for trade buyers. 

London Beer Competition Packaging Display

To be a London Beer Competition award winner, you will need to have a top-quality beer that offers both the trade and the consumer great value for money, and you will need to look good and truly stand out on the shelf and on the back bar. The scoring will be as follows:

Q (Quality Score) + Value Score (V) + Package Score (P) = London Beer Competition Score.

Any beer scoring over 90 points will be awarded a Gold Medal, 76 to 89 points will get a Silver Medal, and 65 to 75 receive a Bronze Medal. Gold Medal-winning beers will also be considered for special awards like Beer Of The Year, Brewery Of The Year, Best Beer By Country, Best Beer By Quality, Best Beer By Value, and Best Beer By Packaging.

London Beer Competition Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals

These medals and awards are awarded by our illustrious judging panel. This panel includes leading retail chains, wholesalers, distributors and on-trade groups across a variety of channels and disciplines including multiple retailing, convenience stores, cash and carries, specialist retailers, casual and fine dining, hospitality and the travel industry.

The winning medal received alongside the Digital Certificate can be used across different Brand Support Tools as well as Point of Sale processes like Brand Deck, Sell Sheet, Shelf Talkers, Case Cards, Bottle Neckers and more. Top 100 winners at London Beer Competition will be included in the Top 100 On-Premise & Off-Premise beers list - Top 100 LSC Beers. The results of the awards are also shared with over 50,000+ trade professionals in the UK in the Beverage Trade Network community, and over 20000+ buyers in and around the UK. The winners will also receive year-round media support from Beverage Trade Network and BevRoute. 

This golden opportunity for beers in the UK market also has a deadline. The 2022 London Beer Competition will only be accepting submissions till the 28th of February, 2022. All the beers will be judged on March 21st and winners will be announced on April 5th, 2022. You can enrol your beer by paying the registration fee of  £100 per beer. Bulk discounts are also available for more than 4 entries.

Bring your beer and brewery into the spotlight it deserves. Enrol your beer today!

The 2022 London Beer Competition results are out. View full results here.