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Photo for: UK’s Sambrook’s Brewery Garners Success at a Renowned Competition


UK’s Sambrook’s Brewery Garners Success at a Renowned Competition


Sambrook’s Brewery captures three medals on home soil at the London Beer Competition

London’s Sambrook’s Brewery won three medals at the London Beer Competition held on 8th March 2018. The brewery launched itself in the London market back in 2008 and was amongst the first few breweries to operate in the city. They can easily be considered as one of the forefathers of breweries in London. Ever since that day in 2008, the beer scene in London has changed a lot but Sambrook’s Brewery has stayed the same and has kept producing quality beers through the years.

Battersea RyeAt the 2018 London Beer Competition, Sambrook’s Brewery won three awards across categories. These three awards were:

Brewery of the Year: One of the highest awards at the London Beer Competition

Battersea Rye: Was awarded a silver medal at the competition

Best Beer by Value: The Battersea Rye was awarded Best Beer by Value by the judges. Value is one of the three major judging criteria at the competition

The Battersea Rye is a unique take on the rye beer style and contains notes of Blackcurrant which pair nicely with the spiciness of the rye. This helps produce a rich flavour with a lingering bitterness in the end.

About the Competition

The London Beer Competition is an annual international beer competition that judges beers on three criterias Quality, Value, and Packaging. If you are a brewery looking to stake a claim on the UK market as one of the top breweries, this competition is the platform you need.

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