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Vegan Ale From Birmingham


Multi-award winning vegan Real Ale and Craft Beer Brewery located in Stirchley

Birmingham Brewing Company was established in November 2016 with the aim of providing high quality, locally brewed beer to the Birmingham area.

They believe that the only way to make great beer is to use the best ingredients they can find, they use water from the Welsh Mountains, traditional British floor malted Barley and the freshest hops they can get their hands on.

The result of this and their focus on quality means that they create distinctive beers and flavours for all to enjoy.

Pale Brummie: British floor malt combined with British bittering hops and new world citrus hops, producing a thirst quenching freshness.

Bitter Brummie: British caramel floor malt with triple hops for bitterness, liquorice and tropical fruit aromas, producing a unique depth and intensity.

Gold Brummie: British pale floor malt, Mix of British and new world hops for maximum bitterness, an explosion of full flavoured hops.

Stout Brummie: British roasted Floor Malts with wholesome Oatmeal, earthy and floral traditional hops to leave you with a heartwarming, full-bodied richness

Confused Brummie: British pale floor malt, infused with roasted flavours and earthy British hops. Savour the unexpected.

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