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Featuring Flavoured Craft Beer from Netherlands

Distilled with great attention and a good dose of quirkiness (and hop), this flavored craft beer from Netherlands would give a tough competition in London Beer Competition.

The ‘brouwerij’ (which is Dutch for a brewery) is a fast-growing brewery in Netherlands aiming to craft high flavored beers that are relatively low in alcohol and yet with lots of flavors. It is a landmark specialty in Noord Holland," Land of Leeghwater ", in Amsterdam.

Brouwerij Leeghwater- The leading Craft Brewery in Netherlands

Brouwerij Leeghwater commenced with one man and a wooden spoon. It was 2012 when Hans Konijn, the founder and head brewer of Brouwerij Leeghwater, decided to start crafting his own beer. Why? Because he loved the idea of creating his own craft beer recipes and was inspired by the area he grew up in: the Land of Leeghwater. He was born at the heart of this unique cultural landscape and drank his first beers on these grounds, the exceptional polders that make up the Land of Leeghwater.

As years passed, Hans’s vision sharpened and his recipes improved. With the meticulousness of his brewing methods and his persistence to better the process each time, the idea of a professional brewery started taking serious shape. Soon after the brewery was founded officially, they saw the amount of demanded barrels rise. Thanks to their partnership with the Jopen brewery from Haarlem, their recipes are now being brewed extensively.Crew of Brouwerij Leeghwater


Together with a group of friends that grew up in the Land of Leeghwater, they try to make their Brouwerij Leeghwater ambitions come true. With everyone’s specific strengths coming together, they aim to achieve one shared goal: turning water into great beers. Leeghwater craft beers are outspoken, balanced and low in alcohol.

The specialty of Brouwerij Leeghwater:

Beemster Boezem:  Beemster keeps the Beemster dry. Before he excess polder water is drained from the Beemster, it is stored in the chimney breast. In Beemster Boezem there is no liters of polder water, but has five types of hops that come together. The result is a light and golden beer, with citrus fruit nuances. Ingredients added with just 4.7% in it are Sorachi Ace, Mandarina Bavaria, Simcoe, Citra, and Magnum.

Ruys:  Ruys name comes from the surname of Jan Leeghwater's grandfather; Symon. Ruys is a refreshing and aromatic white beer with a strong tropical fruit flavor.Tropical times three, that’s their White IPA ‘Ruys’. It’s refreshing and aromatic, with a characteristic IPA-bitterness. Ingredients added with just 4.7% in it are Cascade, Simcoe, and El Dorado.

So, are your beers ready to compete with these leading beers from Netherland?  Submit your beers here.

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