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Photo for: Three awards for Funky Bow Brewery at a Beer Competition


Three awards for Funky Bow Brewery at a Beer Competition


Funky Bow Brewery from the United States wins three awards at the London Beer Competition

Based in Lyman, Maine, the story of the Funky Bow Brewery is as unique as its name. A brewery that originated because of a Christmas present by a father to his son, has since gone on to challenge the taste buds of beer drinkers. At its heart, the Funky Bow Brewery is based on the ideals of bringing something unique to the forefront for all kinds of beer drinkers to experience. They believe in experimenting and brewing beers that aren’t typical.

Funky Bow Brewery’s beers won three awards at the London Beer Competition held in March 2018. The three beers that won the awards were:

Funky Bow Brewery

So Folkin’ Hoppy - It won a silver medal at the competition. It is an American IPA and contains a great addition of hops with a kiss of malt sweetness. The nose has nuances of grapefruit, pine, and tropical notes.

G-string - It was also awarded a silver medal. It is an American Pale Ale and has hints of sweet orange and coriander along with nice flavourful malts. A smooth and unique beer.

Midnight Special - It was awarded a bronze medal. It is a Coffee Porter, a dark beer. Upfront, the aroma is that of coffee but it also contains roasted malts and hints of chocolate which add flavour to the beer.

About the Competition

The London Beer Competition is an annual international beer competition that judges beers on three criteria's Quality, Value, and Packaging. The judges are among the top buyers, sommeliers and beer writers.

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